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DCP / Blu-ray / DVD

We offer conversion services from different masters to Blu-ray discs: 

DCP 4K - 2K > Bluray 

Taking the DCP as an image master, we pull the image out in its original resolution and adjust it to the technical parameters of the Blu-ray disc. Through this action, we can perform these different adaptation processes: 

Image resize 

Making a Blu-ray disc with Full HD resolution demands image adjustments. We make down-conversion processes from 4K/2K to Full HD. In occasion, the process must be made the other way around when we start from SD formats and it's imperative to make a Full HD scaling. 

Image frame rate change 

Movie pictures are usually projected in 24 fps, but sometimes, promotional material and viewing must be made in Blu-ray or DVD. This process demands a speed adjustment in the image playback in order to get a smooth reproduction. The speed adjustments can be made in 23,98 fps / 24 fps / 25 fps / 29,97 fps / 30 fps / 50 fps / 60 fps. 

Audio for Bluray - DVD - Internet 

Audio editing and synchronization 

Cinemas play the film´s audio on reels. When making a Blu-ray or DVD, we can unify all the reels in a single file and synchronize the audio in order to prevent possible interruptions. Afterwards, different chapters can be indexed into the disc. 

Audio Upmix and Downmix 

Sometimes our clients need to adapt their cinematographic mix into stereo to make a file online, or they need to make an upmix from a 5.1 or 7.1 stereo mix. We offer these different options: 

Audio upmix 

Stereo > 5.1: with frame rate change (video to cinema DCP or Blu-ray) 

5.1 > 7.1: with or without frame rate change (Blu-ray to cinema DCP) 

Sound effects must be converted into 5.1 for cinema presentations or HD Broadcasts. 

Audio downmix 

Cinema audio to Blu-ray/DVD/Internet 

7.1 > 5.1: with a frame rate change from 24 fps to 25 fps (Blu-ray,DVD) 

5.1 > Estéreo: with or without frame rate change (TV, Internet)