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We offer audiovisual file conversion services from the main audio and video supports. As an addition to the conversions, we perform a work analysis, offering the client a picture and sound restoration service. 

List of services we offer 

  • Digitalization from various supports: DCam / Betacam Digital / MPEG IMX / Betacam SP / DVC Pro / DVC Cam / Umatic LB - HB 
  • Transcoding to the main digital supports: H264 / Apple Prores / XD Cam / IMX 
  • Image scaling through a Hardware video processor. We don´t use software 
  • SD to HD conversions in every format 
  • 4:3 to 16:9 / 14:5 conversions 
  • HD to 2K scaling 
  • Elaboration of emission masters 

Image restoration 

  • Film grain elimination 
  • Image lines or artifact elimination 
  • Focus improvement 
  • Color and brightness improvement 

Sound restoration 

  • Background noise deletion 
  • Dialogue intelligibility improvement 
  • Optical noise buzz deletion through DOLBY SR cinematographic reducers 
  • Adaptation and correction of sound levels under the ITU 775 - Loudness EBU R128 standards 
  • Sound spectrum improvement in Stereo / Multichannel 5.1 / 7.1 
  • Stereo to Multichannel conversions in every format 
  • DOLBY E encoding and support