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Noviembre - Diciembre

We want to highlight the dubbing and audiovisual audio of two independent projects: "The Vessel" and "Backseat Fighter". Our appreciation goes to Lucía and Andrés for their trust.

July - August 

In july, we worked at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Jorge Sánchez Estradé was responsible of the A1 sound during the daily briefings at the IBC. We would like to thank the OBS for trusting us.

April - May 

A highlight of may was the dubbing of the film "Full of Grace", based on the last days of Virgin Mary before ascending to heaven.

October - November

We would like to stand out the audiovisual production for the release of a new management tool by Iberdrola and Ericsson. Multidesign was responsible of the shooting, editing and postproduction of images, english narration and sound system.

June - July 

In june 2016, we worked on the dubbing and mixing of the movie "1944".

March - April 

In april, the dubbing for the film "The Games Maker" stands out.

September - October

We developed the audiovisual operation of the daily briefing for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

May - June 

In may and june we recorded audio and mixed "Virtuosos", a talent show for TVE where young musicians form an orchestra.

February - March 

In february, we worked on the subtitles for the film "The Dress Maker" in DCP cinema format.