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Room 5

Room 5's focus is the intake, editing and conversion of digital video formats. It includes image editing programs that allow the creation of emission files for the main audiovisual platforms. At the same time, the room has a Pro Tools sound editing system that allows the conversion and syncing to the image final master. 


  • Avid / Premier / Final Cut / DaVinci Resolve image editing
  • After Effects image composition
  • Subtitle creation in the main supports STL, SRT, XML
  • PAL - NTSC norm conversion
  • Image escalation through Hardware SD - PAL / HD - 2K
  • Image restoration Color / Focus / Grain / Noise / Stripes
  • Image intake from HDCAM / Betacam SP - B.SX- B.Digital
  • Intake and conversion of Umatic LB - HB formats
  • Blu-ray / DVD authorship
  • Master creation for cinematographic DCP projection