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Voice-over & Dubbing

We offer four dubbing/voice over rooms and guarantee high quality work due to carefully selected voices. The dubbing directors´ experience, with over 30 years in the occupation, endorse that our work is carefully taken cared of in details, interpretation, variety and especially in the necessary care these special processes require. 

 Services offered

  • Cinema dubbing 
  • TV dubbing 
  • TV and movie documentaries 
  • Voice over for realities 
  • Advertisement voice over 
  • Corporate voice over 
  • Voice registration for video games 
  • Audio description for the visually impaired 
  • Audiobooks 
  • Audioguides 
  • Other services: consult 

In-room work 

Working in the dubbing room allows directors freedom and comfort to organize meetings and record background, songs, crowds, etc. 

The technician is located in the same room to improve communications with the dubbing team, making things easier for the registration and editing processes.